Everetts Pharmacy

Everett's Becomes the first Pharmacy in the UK to install i-viewer magnifiers in their stores

Being able to read the directions and contents on product labels is a concern shared by many of our customers; so we have installed the award-winning i-viewer magnifiers to help overcome these concerns.  With the need to check product information becoming more critical and printing becoming smaller, we want to help our customers make the right choices for themselves. 

The shelf mounted magnifier is designed to help shoppers read product labels quickly and easily.  It is neatly placed underneath the shelving and is easily pulled out to enable customers to hold the product under it to read directions, contents, etc. both simply and quickly.  The i-viewer has a 2 times magnifier for those who have left their reading glasses at home or just need a boost to read the 'small print' and for the 'tiniest of print' which is normally impossible to read there is a 5 times bubble lens too.

Sue Ullmann, Sales & Marketing Manager at Everett's said: Customers like their independence and the i-viewer gives them the choice to read things for themselves or ask for our assistance, particularly if it’s for a sensitive issue.”  

Stuart Kimber, co-founder of i-viewer said: "The need to read labels is an every-day reality for those with dietary and health needs and we are delighted that Everett's has chosen to install magnifiers in their stores, it is great news for their shoppers struggling to read the labels and is another example of Everett's excellent customer care ethic”.