Everetts Pharmacy

Local MP, Suella Fernandes, saw how the local pharmacy works to ease the pressure on GP services in Titchfield. During a visit to Everetts Pharmacy, on The Square in Titchfield, Ms Fernandes saw how pharmacies provide an essential service to the communities they serve.

Ms Fernandes visited the pharmacy and met pharmacist, Caroline Hillier, to discuss the growing number of services available from pharmacies, previously only available from a GP’s surgery. These services include: smoking cessation, obesity management, blood pressure checks, and a current campaign, marking Diabetes Week 2015, to help people better manage their diabetes.


Ms Fernandes commented: “I’m pleased these services are available from community pharmacy, Caroline and her team are working hard to provide care to Titchfield residents. Initiatives like this will help patients see their doctors more quickly, as a part of their overwhelming caseload is dealt with by other healthcare professions. ”