Everetts Pharmacy

Planning a trip abroad?

Stay healthy - get travel vaccinations and advice on malaria prevention for you and your family through our Travel Health Service.

How will the service help me?

Our Travel Health Services enables you to get all the travel health information, vaccinations and antimalarials you need to enjoy a healthy trip aboard.  We work closely with MASTA, a leading specialist in travel health, to make sure that advice is tailored to you and your trip.

How does the service work?

It's easy to check if the service is right for you and your family*, follow these simple steps to get started:

1.    Go online to www.masta-travel-health.com pr call 03301004106

2.    Book your telephone consultation with one of MASTA'S specialist travel health nurses who will generate a travel health plan tailored to you and your trip.

3.    The travel health nurse will book an appointment for you at your chosen local pharmacy where you will receive your vaccinations, antimalarials and advice to help you have a safe trip.

The service is available at our Locks Heath, Cosham and St Luke's pharmacy branches 


*  for children of five years and over

Our Pharmacists are on hand to talk through any concerns you have about your health when traveling