Everetts Pharmacy

Many people take medicines, most of them without any concern or ill effects, but sometimes one medicine may affect another medicine to create side effects.

Are you taking your medicines the right way?

If you are in doubt and feel in any way  unsure about how to take your medication, then the Medicines Use Review (MUR) is an ideal opportunity for you to discuss it in private with one of our pharmacists. Sometimes, just taking your medication at a different time of day can change how well it works and may improve your symptoms. The MUR is FREE and is completely confidential.

To arrange an MUR with your local Everetts Pharmacy, please enquire via our Contact Us page or call your local Everetts Branch using one of the following phone numbers:

Park Gate: 01489 573147

Warsash: 01489 573001

Titchfield: 01329 842310

West End: 02380 473179

Cosham: 02392 375979

Locks Heath: 01489 581172

Hedge End: 01489787141

Whiteley: 01489 565441

Horndean: 02392 592166

St Lukes Pharmacy(Hedge End):  01489 795533

David Foggs (Hedge End): 01489 783064