Everetts Pharmacy

If you have had sex without using contraception or that your contraception has failed, you may want to use the Emergency Contraceptive Pill (also known as the morning after pill) to try and prevent you from getting pregnant. If you act quickly this pill can usually stop you from getting pregnant.

This medicine is available to purchase from all our pharmacies.

Some of our pharmacies offer an emergency contraceptive service so you can get the ‘morning after pill’ from your local Everetts pharmacy without a prescription.


How the service works

It is only available when the accredited Pharmacist is available. A supply of this medicine cannot be issued if the accredited Pharmacist is not available.

The pharmacist will need a brief chat with you first in a free confidential consultation to ensure you can take this medicine safely and understand if it doesn’t work what the next steps are.

This medicine may not be able to be issued if you are currently taking certain types of medication or if it is longer than 72 hours (3 days) since unprotected intercourse. Age restrictions may apply.

It is advised that you ring the branch to check when the accredited Pharmacist is available.



The following branches can offer this service:

Everetts Pharmacy - Locks Heath

Everetts Pharmacy - Whiteley

Everetts Pharmacy - Titchfield

St Lukes Pharmacy - Hedge End

David Fogg Chemist

Everetts Pharmacy - Cosham

Everetts Pharmacy - Warsash

Everetts Pharmacy - Horndean

St Lukes Pharmacy - Hedge End