Everetts run a Loyalty Scheme enabling customers to collect points when making purchases* in any of our branches.

These points can then be redeemed against future purchases*

1 point is awarded for every 10p you spend, 10 points equals 5p when redeemed against your purchases.

*Points cannot be collected or redeemed against NHS or Private Prescriptions or services provided by the pharmacy.

How to Register for the Loyalty Scheme

Pick up a card in your local branch and fill in your details. You will be given a card with a unique number. Once you have your card you can start collecting points.


I've lost my Card and can't remember the number. Will you still add my points?  Yes if you hand your receipt to the Sales Assistant within 28 days of the purchase. It will be passed to our head office and the points added.

My details have changed. How do I let you know?  Inform the Sales Assistant of your change in details and they will ask you to complete a change of details form.

How do I add points to my Loyalty Card?  Each time you make a purchase and show your card to the Sales Assistant, they will add your points automatically through the till.

Can I use my card immediately? You can use your card immediately, however, points cannot be redeemed until the card is registered and you have accrued a minimum of 75 points.

I've lost my Loyalty Card - are my points safe?  Yes you must report the loss to your nearest branch as soon as possible and they will advise you on how to get a new card. Once a new card has been issued your points are automatically transferred over.

How many points will I collect?  1 point is awarded for every 10p you spend.

What is a point worth?  10 points equals 5p when redeemed against your purchases.

How long will it be before I get my points?  Provided you show your card at the time of purchase your points are added immediately.

Do I collect points on everything I spend? No, there are exemptions to the scheme. No points are awarded for NHS & Private Prescriptions; service provided by the pharmacy or associated organisations such as clinics and advise services.  

Can I spend my points at other shops?  No, these points can only be spent at H J Everetts (Chemist) Ltd.

Where can I see how many points I've collected on my purchases?  When you give your card to the Sales Assistant they can tell you then how many points you have accrued.

What happens to the points if I cancel my purchase or ask for a refund?  H J Everetts (Chemist) Ltd reserve the right to reverse the point’s transaction if goods are returned.

How will they know it’s me? Customers will be asked to confirm their name and address when redeeming points. However H J Everetts (Chemist) Ltd cannot be held liable should your card be used fraudulently

Full Terms and Conditions can be viewed here.